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When using this website, you must accept these terms of use and the privacy policy. These are considered recognized when used.

Social networks: To provide information, elements of social networks can be integrated as well as references to social networks in which content can be shared or created. These social networks see themselves as third-party services. Registration is usually required to use these services. If social networks are used via elements or links integrated into a website and a user registers for such a service, the terms of use of the respective services apply.

Content: In some areas and especially in the linked or integrated elements of social networks, content is offered or linked. This content has been formulated or researched using expert knowledge, but the operator of this website bears no responsibility for the accuracy of the content and assumes no liability for the use of this content.

Other: The terms of use can be adjusted, e.g. due to changed legal requirements. This should not be done to the detriment of the users but solely to ensure proper usage. Since users are generally not reached personally, changes to the terms of use can be found here.

The information on liability and use of third-party services is required by German law. Information about the operator can be found in the Impressum.

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